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SIGGRAPH is a Special Interest Group that shares an interest in computer graphics. We are a part of the larger international organization, ACM. The First Society in Computing.

Executive Committee:
Chair: Erica Jacobs
Vice Chair: Brad A. Lawrence
Treasurer: Lauren Kahre
Secretary: Billy Reiter

Members at Large:
Officers Nathan Pratt
Website TBD
Social Media TBD
Promotional Graphics TBD
Membership TBD
Marketing TBD
Fundraising TBD
Student Liason to UCF ACM SIGGRAPH TBD
Faculty Advisor to UCF ACM SIGGRAPH Darlene Hadrika

Past Chairs:
Kyle Simmons 2012-2013
Shelley Kaufeld 2011-2012
Jim Spoto 2007-2011
Brad A. Lawrence 2002-2006
Lynn Finch 1997-1998
Colleen Cleary 1996-1997
Dave Levinson 1995-1996
Lynn Finch 1993-1995
Christopher Stapleton 1992-1993